I Chose Islam


By: Nora Morajea

This is the story told by: Patricia Anne Fitzpatrick, 52 years old Irish women, who chose to become a Muslim despite her families disapproval

The spark to Patricia’s story started when she was walking home, on a rainy winter day, from the sewing factory that she worked in, she saw a piece of paper on the ground, thinking it was a 5Euro note, but which turned out to be a leaflet on an event in London about Islam, and this is where it all began, Patricia didn’t know anything about Islam, as she came from a very religious family of Catholics, but she was determined to know more about this religion, to begin with she was more interested on learning about the Muslim women, and how were they treated, but “Allah had other plans for me” she said

At the time Patricia was only 18 years old, she would go sneaking to the mosque to learn more about Islam, in fear that her family would find out, she would also go to a women who would teach her Islam, and one day she was showing Patricia the film of the prophet Mohammed, and when she saw the first female martyr die, she instantly asked them to turn it off, and she said Ashhadu Ana La Illaha Ila Allah, Wa Ashhadu Ana Mohammed Rasoul Allah-(There is no god but god, and Mohammed is the messenger of god), she became a Muslim, hiding from her family to pray, and refusing meals as it would contain pork which is banned in Islam

The young Muslim still felt incomplete, and that she needed to get away to be able to practice Islam in the correct way, so she spoke to the Sheik of the mosque she went to in Dublin, who suggested she married a Muslim man, which is what she did, when she told her mother her decision, her mother collapsed, and was shocked with her daughters decision, but then had to accept her choice

She got married, and lived 2 years in Ireland before leaving to live in Libya, were there was no food, or nappies for babies, and where the Libyan people, even her husband’s family to begin with didn’t really accept her, as she was a foreigner, it took her many years before she could adapt to life in Libya, but is now happy with 6 children, and 3 grandchildren, and when asked where would she chose to live Libya or Ireland? she chose Libya

all Patricia wants to do is to live her life as a good Muslim, and raise her children as good Muslims, “I just want to   live my life pleasing Allah” is what she said

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